Analog Astronauts Panel at SEDS SpaceVision 2019

It was a pleasure sharing with the student community what it’s like to participate in space analog research and provide insight into how to get involved.

On Saturday November 9, myself and three other researchers participated in an Analog Astronauts panel at the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) SpaceVision 2019 conference. Analog Astronauts are people who support space simulated research to help advance human spaceflight capabilities.

Click here to view Analog Astronauts Panel slides (PDF).

The panel was made up of a diverse group of individuals with different backgrounds making for an excellent discussion for the students. The panelists were Dr. Sian Proctor, Morgan Kainu, Tarun Bandemegala, and xmyself with our excellent moderator, Dr. Tanya Harrison. The panel began with each of us giving an introduction to who we were and our space analog experience and then Dr. Harrison led us through a series of questions. After the we wrapped up the panel discussion the floor was opened up for questions from the audience.  The students had excellent questions about analog safety, how to get involved, and how to build custom master’s degrees to meet their specific needs and passions. We hung around after the panel chatting with students providing insight and guidance on how to go after their dreams.

This was my first panel at the student-run SEDS SpaceVision conference and I look forward to participating in the future.




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I am a curriculum developer, technical trainer, communicator, and adventurer with a passion for human space exploration and training. I am actively involved in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) educational outreach efforts and advocate for the deep connection between the arts and science education.

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