Looking Back

Middle school lessons while gazing at the Moon.

In 8th grade, I had just moved to Virginia from Montreal and lacked some of the English writing skills that most students had by this age. Growing up in a French-first schooling system put a serious hamper on my English skills and set me behind most American students.

One of my first assignments was to write an essay. I had never written an essay before, so without the necessary tools, I did the best I could. The night before it was due, I peered out of my bedroom window trying to figure out what to write. After much contemplation, and staring into the night, I ended up writing a short story about the Moon.

A short story is not an essay. I failed that assignment.

Looking back on this experience, I see it mostly as a funny memory about a lesson I needed to learn. I didn’t fail 8th grade, I made it through school just fine, and am now in graduate school writing thesis papers. It’s fun to spend time looking back on where we have come from and seeing we turned out just fine despite some of the bumps along the way.

* This is a vague memory and much of these thoughts were filled in by my Mum. She was trying to find the actual “essay,” but we think it might be lost forever and now just a piece of our memory.

This photo is from Flickr user Grandpa@50 taken in 2012 of the early rise of the extra large Super Moon and the silhouette of a White-vented Shamaas.

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I am a curriculum developer, technical trainer, communicator, and adventurer with a passion for human space exploration and training. I am actively involved in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) educational outreach efforts and advocate for the deep connection between the arts and science education.

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