Spirit of Place

Have you ever fallen in love with a place? Loved it so much it feels like it has become a part of you? A part of your DNA? Like the place itself is a living being that brings you joy just thinking about? When there, you get lost in that feeling and never want to leave? I have heard it called spirit of place or genius loci, Latin for the spirit or guardian deity of a place.

My “place” is Sable Island in Saranac Lake, NY. My family has been camping there for 29 years and it is beyond special to me. The thought of it brings me back to my childhood, the knowledge that travel is booked sends adrenaline through my body, and the moment I arrive I am transported to a place of pure beauty, calm, and restoration. Tonight I begin the journey east to revisit this place.

Is there a place that gives you that feeling?

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Erin Bonilla

I am a curriculum developer, technical trainer, communicator, and adventurer with a passion for human space exploration and training. I am actively involved in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) educational outreach efforts and advocate for the deep connection between the arts and science education.

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